Karlo and I wanna make it. We met online. Me from Calgary, Alberta. Him from Almelo, The Netherlands. We talked for 6 months but as friends. I had found out about four months into our chatting that I was accepted into a masters program in the Netherlands. I arrived in the Netherlands homesick and nervous, with one sort of friend in Karlo (you never know with online things I suppose). I was feeling too nervous to actually meet him in person and repeatedly turned down his offers for a date. Finally one day, he sent me a photo of a train ticket from his hometown to where I was In the Netherlands with the message "If you'd be at the station to pick me up, that would be the nicest thing". Being a polite Canadian, I showed up. The next week, he had quit his job about two hours away and moved to my current city to be with me, where we now live together. A moment I remember so clearly is when he asked me to play him some "Canadian" music. I wasn't quite sure how to start, but I started with you. As "in your room tonight" started to play, he grabbed my hands to dance. It is a few leaps of faith that lead us to where we are now. We are planning on getting married in August. No engagement or wedding rings yet because right now, it just doesn't fit in our budget. We are doing the best we can. We choose each other every day. Your rings will find themselves here on hardworking and determined hands. Thank you for your time, your words, and your music. Britt van Groningen