Long time listener, first time telling my story. I feel like I have related my own love story to your songs so many times. My love story is ordinary. Its the classic "meet cute". We met in university. We shared the same major. with only 7 people in that field, you end up sharing a lot of classes. I noticed him one particular day because he was wearing flip flops and it was -30 degrees outside. He had his laptop open, and the background on it was a great white shark. He was drinking a chocolate milk. In the immortal words of Taylor Swift, I knew he was trouble when he walked in. We became fast friends. We were both with other people at the time, but still kept in touch. Very small class sizes helped. His relationship ended, mine kept going, and I tried to set him up with my best friend, under the assumption that everyone else loved chocolate milk and sharks as much as we did. I didn't quite understand until we started dating that he had been actively pursuing me for months, and had told his best friend that I was his future wife, and he wasn't going to stop trying until that happened. Everyone around us, including my parents, well maybe especially my parents, noticed how he never gave up on me. Love is an easy thing to miss sometimes. My heart broke when finally, we were both single, and he said he was going on a date with another girl. It didn't work out, thankfully for me, because I knew that I was at the crucial "When Harry Met Sally" realization that I wanted to spend the rest of my life, really any part of my life, with him if he would let me. This man was the most kind man I had ever met, and he treated me like I was the only one ever in a room. One night, over Scrabble, he kissed me, and the rest is history. Its been over six years of passion, joy, anger, sadness and love. It hasn't always been easy. Love is never easy. We spent a lot of time apart, as his job as a literal circus performer in a high dive act took him over the world. We graduated, and I decided I wanted to move to London to work. He never questioned it, and he never asked me not to. He supported me, encouraged me, and even moved with me for part of the time I was there. Even though it took him away from his work, family and friends, he came with me. That is the biggest act of selflessness I have experienced in my life, and I am grateful every day for it. I moved back to Calgary after a year and a half, and we got engaged one day shy of our 6 year anniversary so that he could always say to people who asked how long we had been dating "Oh, 5 years or so." I know I said that our story was ordinary, but I realize its not. What are the chances that you end up in the same classes, and that you spend six years of shared experiences, like moving across the world, or something as simple as going grocery shopping, with your best friend? That is the real test of a relationship, grocery shopping together. I know our love is not ordinary, and I know its not luck. We work hard every day to keep our love story going. I know that I ended up, somehow, with the most kind, loving man in the world. He knows how to make me laugh when I am sad, but also how to drive me absolutely crazy. It's funny how a person can make you so happy but so angry at the same time. I know that when I get a haircut, he will be waiting with two kinds of candy- one for if I like my haircut, and one for if I don't. I know that I said our love story was ordinary, but I wasn't being truthful. Our love story is extraordinary because we make it so. We choose to have an extraordinary love. We work at an extraordinary love. It's all worth it because we get to spend each day knowing that we have, and always will, the one person in our life who will always be there for us. I wanna make it with him. Thanks for reading, and gosh I hope this all makes sense. With an act of extraordinary love, I will be dancing with him at our wedding next August to "Yours to Keep". Your words sum up my thoughts exactly. Thank you Michael.