Our wacky love story! Well let's start with me! I was a single mother attending hair school living on merely a student loan. Me and my daughter lived in our apartment, alone, and were conquering the world together. One night while I was out with the girls at a local pub an older man walked up to us and said you pretty ladies need some nice young men to spend this night with, just so happens he was out with his son and his sons friends, so we decided heck! Why not? And off we went to their booth. Kyle (my fiance) and I hit it off, I gave him my number at the end of the night and we went our separate ways. From that night on kyle would bug me to go out on a date, he was very attractive, no kids, no girlfriend, but also no responsibility and 2 years younger than me. All I could think was if I start this it won't last. I live a life of a single mother, he wouldn't stick around? And so I had planned with him a date night he arranged, poor guy because I ditched him! (I know very mean of me) after this he still messaged me! Okay now he sounds desperate haha! Just so happens on saint Patrick's day he was texting me and had told me he was standing outside a bar with his friends, ya that bar was the exact one I was sitting inside with my friends.. Fate? Creepy? Ya! We instantly hit it off again! Moved in together 6 months later, he took on my daughter as his own, treated us like royalty. We got pregnant ! Yay! My pregnancy was tough, I was high risk and had surgery to hold our baby in there as long as we could! Strict bed rest meant I had to quit my job. Okay cool, kyle works he's got a good job.. No he got layed off during my pregnancy :(. As we struggled to pay our bills alone and raise a beautiful little girl, through all of this tough time we were stronger together then we could ever imagine. Baby girl born ! Gorgeous red head fiesty full term baby girl, you could see the face of the proudest man alive in kyle that very moment. So he searched and searched, went through a few jobs, and finally after 5 years together he's found a career. He's the hardest working man I know. He loves us and does anything for us. I have an engagement ring and I love it, I will keep it forever, at the time we didn't have a lot of money so its not all expensive and fancy, but it's mine, and he got it for me. He wishes so much that he could afford to buy me a really nice set and that we could afford to buy bands to get married. But with 2 girls, bills, food and extra curricular activities we just can't seem to put that cost into our budget. What your doing is so amazing, whether I win or not I want you to know your amazing! And you inspire others to do good deeds. Whoever wins will be forever grateful . Thank you so much for reading our wacky love story.