My name is Hannah, the man I love is Josh. Josh and I are 25 and have been in love with each other since we were five years old. Born 19 days apart we grew up on the same road in rural Nova Scotia. We took the same bus together every day. We had the same classes, we had the same desks. He went out of his way to make me laugh and always let me stand in front of him in line. He was my best friend from day one, that has never changed. We were both shy kids. We never discussed how we felt about each other until we were 15 years old. Our first relationship, and together at that! Four months into our relationship Josh's parents divorced and he was whisked away to Whitehorse, Yukon. We were devastated. We vowed to remain friends, and we did the best that we could. Over the years we floated in and out of touch. Six years later saw each other face to face once again. I was his date at his mother's wedding. The visit was short lived but only re-enforced the fact: we would always be family. Despite the distance of 7,000 kilometers and 4 hours, Josh never lost touch with me. On New Years 2016 we reconnected via Facebook once more, seizing the opportunity of our relationship stats being "single" for the both of us for the first time in many years. After 10 years apart we immediately started dating long distance, it just made sense. Our first Valentines day together Josh and I sent packages to each other and face-time'd. I opened a box that contained a ring and a promise that some day he would purpose. Some day we would be together. In April I was hospitalized. I was rushed by ambulance to Halifax for emergency surgery. I had internal bleeding caused by a cyst the size of a tennis ball. That same day Josh's Step-Father suddenly passed away in a car accident. His mother and step-brother sat with my family in the same hospital. The first day I saw Josh again after 4 years apart was just after my dismissal from the hospital. Bloated, stitched, and unable to walk unsupported, Josh looked at me like we had not been apart for a day. That's when I knew I was home. I was diagnosed with Endometreosis, with the possibility of never having the family I have always dreamed of. We buried Josh's step-father by the ocean. In all of this sadness he held my hand and never wavered in his undeniable gift for making people smile. Josh never went back to the Yukon after the funeral, he dropped everything and started building his life here, with me. We found an apartment and moved in together. We spent one month together while I was in recovery. Then the fire started, and his job with a concrete company took him across country to Alberta. Once again, we are apart. After all of this time we seem to be fated to live our lives as star-crossed lovers with both time and distance between us. No matter how far we are from each other, there isn't any other man that I would want to miss. Josh was my first love and he will be the last. Truly, it has always been him. I am hoping to win this contest so that I can give the man that has given me everything, throughout his entire life, a symbol of our unwavering devotion to carry with him where ever he is in this world. I want him to be able to look down at his hand and know that where ever the world takes him, he is home.