Take a moment to read a love story today.


There is a constant flow of news and lately much of it isn’t positive. Fear is an ugly catalyst. Fear’s counterpart most certainly is love so I invite you to spend 10 minutes of your day today getting lost in love stories.


You may have heard I’m gifting my wedding bands and engagement ring. We asked Canadians to submit their love stories to be considered for the gift. Nearly 400 couples submitted stories and we’ve arrived at 10. I’d love to do something for each of these couples, but I only have one set of rings. Soon we’ll announce the winner although I don’t think the word “winner” accurately describes the outcome. It’s not a contest, there is no winner. It’s just a positive moment. I appreciate the opportunity to give these rings away. 


On Wednesday my friends, family and I met at Village Brewery (link) to read through the submitted love stories. Months ago I put the rings up on kijiji – I figured one couple’s story would resonate and it would be clear who to give the rings to. It has not been an easy process and at times I’ve regretted getting so personal with the internet … but every story I read reminds me that this idea is a good one. Wednesday’s reading party was my favorite part of the process. It has been interesting seeing each person’s reaction to the different stories, and the deliberations that have taken place to arrive at a top 10. I think we we’re all surprised at just how rewarding the reading party was.


I’m publishing these 10 stories for two reasons. The first reason is to share – Reading them was incredibly uplifting. They are a reminder of love, and an opportunity to step away from our selves and celebrate others for a moment. It should be noted that we are not be asking people to vote, compare or judge. Instead read, share, relate and hope.


The second reason is to offer people an opportunity to be a part of any of these couples’ lives. We’ve had gratis offers from wedding planners, make up artists and photographers for the winning couple, but I think it is more important for these people to choose a couple to support. We don’t have to all chose the same recipient. The rings should only start the discussion.


Please contact info@treasureislandrecs.com if you’d like to get in touch with any of the couples.