And her fiancée:



I first met my Fiancée around 8 years ago at the university of Calgary where we were both taking an obscure major and shared several classes. As an initially shy person with a girlfriend that lived in Edmonton and a busy training schedule for competitive springboard diving I didn't go out of my way to talk to many girls at school. One day we sat near each other and she saw me drinking chocolate milk and the awesome shark wallpaper on my computer (two things we both love) and thought she would introduce me to her single friend, once she found out I was not available for her friend we started to talk a little bit more and became friends in class. At the end of a semester in the summer my ex girlfriend dumped me the week before she was moving to Calgary to train with my diving team here in Calgary which was particularly rough so I called Caitlin to go for a coffee and talk, in the process hanging out for the first time outside of school. My goal was to seem normal and to find out if she still had a boyfriend, although I found it very hard to concentrate as this was the first time I ever ordered an espresso latte drink (to look like an adult) so I was literally vibrating. She mentioned several times her boyfriend that day but it did not matter to me, I knew she was the one and I wouldn't stop pursuing her. Over the next 8 months we started talking and texting constantly and became best friends telling each other everything. I found through all of this that I did not like her current boyfriend as I felt she needed to be treated better as she is a very special person. I did whatever I could to try and win her heart, I have literally done back flips in her front yard, delivered m&m's to her house when she was too busy studying to go out and emailed her everyday while on a training trip in Germany. After what felt like a million years she finally realized that she and her ex were not right for each other and they ended things. I immediately thought Yes! This is my chance but as we had become good friends I couldn't rush anything as I knew she would need some time. After what seemed like another million years she decided to come over to play "scrabble" at my place, this of course to me meant that we would be lovers forever and tonight was the beginning of something very special. I later found out that she had decided that I might be a fun rebound and not much else. Despite our slightly different intentions we kissed that night and talked and stayed up way too late as I was leaving early next morning to fly to Mexico for a training trip. After several weeks of sneaking around to make out as she didn't want anyone to know I finally convinced her to go public and we have been together since. Once I retired from competition I spent my summers diving in a high dive act in a traveling circus show deciding what to do with my life now that competition had ended for me. In the mean time Caitlin graduated with her teaching degree and got a job in London England. As I knew every girl's weakness is British accents I decided to pack up my life and move to England with her. I ended up finding a job in a bank and we rented a cute apartment in a little town called high Wycombe and lived very happily for the first time together. After about nine months the summer rolled around again and I heard the call of the circus and moved back to Canada. Caitlin followed after and started teaching a special needs class here in Calgary as well. We found an apartment here where we have lived for the past two years. I still do the circus for a few weeks every summer but found regular work with my father as an advisor at Sun Life. For several months this year Caitlin had been asking me to marry her, as it is an Irish tradition for the woman to ask on a leap year, but as I had been planning a proposal for the past 6 months I had to keep shooting her down. Luckily she stuck with me and the day before our 6th anniversary I set up a treasure hunt all around the city to places that were special to us ending with me getting down on one knee and asking her to ask me to marry her again. I said yes and we are planning on getting married August 2017! Our work schedules don't mix well as mine usually goes later in the evening and she is gone before I get up in the morning, one thing we do every night though is spend a few minutes cuddling in bed when she goes to bed as I stay up later. We are very excited for this next chapter In our lives and have had a strong MBF soundtrack to many occasions at the university and she has even choreographed dances for her school kids to (slightly edited) brand new spaces. We would be honoured to help you start another chapter in your life and if possible share your enthusiasm and spirit with all of our friends and family on our special day.