My Fiancée Trevor and I met back in 1986 after the sudden death of my brother. We dated briefly before his family moved to Edmonton. A few years later he returned to High River and we began dating again, we fell madly in love back then. When we started dating the second time it became official when I ran into Trevor at the mall, he was buying a beautiful sapphire ring which was suppose to be my Christmas present. Since I ruined the surprise he gave it to me right there at the mall. That spring we found out we were going to be parents, with us being so young and the pressure from both of our families we ended up breaking up. My parents adopted our baby girl, who I got to watch grow up. I always said I had the best of both worlds with her, I got to be part of her life but was able to finish growing up and become a responsible adult. Trevor did not have any contact with our daughter until she was 15 at which point he had already married and they developed a relationship. Several years later, I am living in High River with my teenage son when the devastating Alberta Floods of 2013 destroyed my home and my town. I made the decision to move to Saskatchewan after meeting a guy. Things just did not workout for the better there, so in April of 2015 I decided to make the move back to Alberta. A friend of mine had put my profile on a dating website a few weeks before I moved back. As I was driving the U haul back to Alberta full of all of our stuff I get this message saying "Funny to reconnect with you on here, how are things going?" I was thinking to myself who is this guy, as it turned out it was Trevor. His was recently separated and in the process of a divorce. We chatted for awhile that night and decided to meet up that weekend for coffee to catch up. Coffee turned into dinner and then a 3 hour walk around town revisiting all the places we use to hang out 27 years before. At the end of the evening Trevor asked if he could ask me on a real date and so we started dating. It did not take long to fall in love with him again. On August 12th of 2015 Trevor proposed, with our granddaughter in tow we went for a walk to the house that we first met at 29 years ago and in the exact spot that we met he got down on one Knee and asked me to marry him he had called 2 of my best friends to be there to witness the occasion. The ring he gave me is a replica of the one he gave when I was 16. And so now we are to be married on September 24, 2016. I have always believed that I would find my soul mate, never did I image that I would have the best love story. Trevor is my Serendipity.