Hi, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be considered for these rings. There is an absolutely amazing woman in my life that is deserving in so many ways. I am military member in Canadian Armed Forces. In the first part of my career I was with a woman and had two marvelous children. However due to the demands of my specific occupation (infantry) I was rarely home between deployments, work up training, and exercises. This wasn't conducive for our relationship and we separated. I moved back to the east coast to be close to my children and make sure that I could help be a part of my former partners support network as we both re-established ourselves. It was at this time I was very unhappy and having an incredibly difficult time justifying my occupation and service to my country with all that I had seemingly lost due to that commitment. However when things are at their worst they can easily turn around with a little help. I was so fortunate to meet Olivia. Not only did she help me reorient my life so that I could find a happy balance between my job and my family, she fully integrated herself into the life of my family and has become the most marvelous step mother to my children. She is able to maintain her own career and goals while consistently supporting my own as well. She keeps me grounded and oriented on family even when I am on the other side of the world for work. She single handed reminds me why I do what I do for my family and for my country. It is partners like Olivia that are the unspoken backbone behind all of those people that serve, be it domestically (police, fire, EMTs) or internationally. More than anything in the world I would like to take the next step and show her the love and commitment I have to her by proposing. Not that she expects it or has asked, she is content with our current commitment/situation. However due to our circumstance (child support and all the financial things that seem to take priority) I have never been able to buy her a ring that I thought she deserved. I hope you consider this story, it would honestly mean the world to me to be able to offer her such a beautiful symbol of my love and commitment to the greatest partner I could have ever asked for. Rob