We've been together for a little less than 3 years now. And I love Fawwaz with all my heart and soul, and couldn't imagine a day without this amazing man. Three months after we started dating, I decided I wanted to take on a massive project - writing a book about the Canadian band, The Watchmen (the band I was seeing when I first heard of you, actually.) This took a massive toll on our relationship, as I lost a lot of sleep trying to make deadlines, and thus was a miserable piece of shit most of the time. This incredible man stood by and gave me space when I needed it, or would give me a hug when that's all I needed. Also, the beginning of our relationship tested a lot of our strength. We both work in the music industry, and at the time, made next to no money (as I'm sure you can relate ;) ) So, we would spend many weekends watching Netflix and eating the cheapest meals we could afford because we simply had no money to do anything else. Then, after 2 years together - by some miracle - we both got new jobs, in the industry, 2 months apart. Our new jobs nearly doubled our salaries, and we were able to find a house and move in together. It was really the happiest day of our lives. We got a puppy shortly after, a Boston Terrier named Bosley, and he really is our tiny, hyper, weird baby. He was a perfect outlet to share our love. Our relationship doesn't come without hardships. We're of different races/cultures and backlash from family has made it tough to continue on. But, we made the decision to choose love. We wouldn't let them break us. As a result, we strive not to be too "over the top" with our relationship on social media - but to be honest, not having a social media relationship is for the best. Now, Fawwaz and his brothers have been renovating a home left to them when their mother passed away 11 years ago. It's a lot of work, and I haven't spent a weekend with my lovely man in months. Over and above everything else, I want to do something for us. I want a day where we put ourselves first. I know I want to spend the rest of my days with this incredible human being. There's no one else who I can imagine sharing my life with.